My mama said to me (What she say lil nigga?) Berhana’s first single after releasing his self-titled EP. The song was originally sung by Wreckless Eric and made popular by Cage the Elephant, and Berhana puts a unique twist on it with a his poetic and laid-back vibe.

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the heart of what is now Appalachia, creating a four-mile-wide crater. The Middlesboro Crater is a result of an asteroid-turned-meteor colliding with Appalachian Mountains from a location somewhere near the planet Jupiter. four miles in diameter and exactly where the town of Middlesboro is today.

And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile. All the languages in the world and all their words to describe beauty and love don't even come . time stops and i can look at you all day and all night Bruno Mars Quotes .

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For those unaware, debadging a car translates in car nerd talk to the an E90 and the “i” badging from an E90 – the two cars would be.