My car makes loud squeaky noises during, and after a rain storm. Could it be the timing belt isn't tight enough causing it to slip when it's wet? Timing belts are under covers on front of the engine (or the side of its a transverse mounted engine).

Nov 16, If the belt is worn (dry, cracked,glazed) it can slip on acceleration and make a squealing sound. Also, if any of the pulleys on the alternator, p/s.

The serpentine belt is like a large rubber band located inside the hood of your car . It loops around several components of your car such as the A/C compressor.

Hi, We have a Disco TD5 with just over km on the clock. oil filter is just below the turbo, and may also be the source of your noise. Usually they blow all the time so yours isn't too bad if it's only blowing when cold.

When first started in the morning, the engine is very noisy (noise frequency varies with engine speed and load) for the first two or three miles.

My laptop's fan makes a loud sound when barely touched fan revving up or just running at a high speed but is like something is unbalanced.

Learn about the what causes a grinding noise when turning your car and New models, including trucks and cars, are equipped with steering.

Cold weather can exacerbate underlying car problems, so you may begin to hear squeaks, squeals and other funny noises you haven't heard before. against wheels, tires and brake discs makes interesting noises, too.

If your vehicle makes a scraping noise, while driving or when turning a corner, that sounds like something being dragged across a tin plate, it's.

car makes grinding noise while turning. We all know the as a grinding noise. This noise is commonly heard on tight turns at slow speeds.