Yes, it is possible; it's one of my primary methods. It is called WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) It's not that hard, just complex and subtle.

An interview with dream expert Beverly D'Urso about lucid dreaming When I went to graduate school, lucid dreaming was a concept everyone knew of, yet knew .. I have OOB a few times a month with no control of when they will happen.

A lucid dream is a dream where the dreamer is aware that he's dreaming. If you were having a lucid dream, you would know that you were.

Before the interpretation of your dream can be understood, you have to understand what a dream is. Dreams allow the mind to relieve stress.

"Auditing", for example, is purchased in 12? hour blocks, costing Several books & articles present facts which flatly contradict these.

Medicate the Howls by lucid rivers, released 18 October 1. First Howl 2. Medicate 3. Staring at the Ceiling 4. Shortest Road 5. The Empty 6. Writes in Black.

No more trying. To hold someone close to my life. It's time for finding. Some way to get through, my sleepless nights. I can dream about you. If I can't hold you.

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Welcome to our Dream Art Gallery, populated with dream-inspired artwork from our I chose to make this one because in my dream it was really beautiful. Unfortunately it is not easy to remember a dreamt song, let alone convert it to a real.