Pick the right kind of clay for dyeing. White air-dry clay will give you the best results. Check to make sure your clay isn't colored. Even off-white clay will affect the.

But there are several other methods to get curls naturally. Here are some methods to get curls overnight. These curls do not last for a long time.

Because sewing in the way is the main method to put on Brazilian hair weave, “ how to wash Brazilian hair” is a big problem when the virgin hair.

Wondering how to get soft, curly black hair with natural African or biracial hair? However, more and more of our customers are telling us they want to avoid.

Curly hair is beautiful, but sometimes you want to go straight and flat for a this can create frizziness, and try not to scrunch it either as this will shape your curls.

The molecules in your hair are held together by strong chemical bonds, some of which are sensitive to water and can temporarily change their shape.

Because Puerto Ricans are mostly a mixture of Spanish, African and Indian widely from the baby fine, straight hair to the tight, course and curly hair types.

Everyone's hair is different, and whether you have naturally poofy hair is fine and wavy then mousses are your best choice since they don't weigh hair down.

Another unique way to style hair for bedtime is to do a two-strand twist. This can be done on wet or dry hair, but curls will turn out tighter if hair.

Another unique way to style hair for bedtime is to do a two-strand twist. simply take a section of hair and divide it into two, then wrap the two.