My Lumia XL was working great but suddenly as I turned off my cellular data rooming in china it's not working over WiFi while it was work for.

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You can now reply to messages on WhatsApp, Hangouts, and a bunch as well so let us know if you're favorite messenger isn't supported yet.

Fix Whatsapp Web QR Code Scan Not Working Problem. Click on settings to zoom web browser. Fix Whatsapp Web QR Code Scan Not Working Problem.

Initialize the button using UIButton(type instead of UIButton (). When you use the latter it won't properly set up button highlighting because.

I have been trying to set up a remote printer to print reports to my HP 2 days with Symantec support and was finally told it is a HP problem.

WhatsApp video has no sound on Android/iOS? Troubleshoots WhatsApp audio not playing issue, including disable Do Not Disturb and clear.

6 Common iPhone WhatsApp Voice Message Problems and Solutions 4 WhatsApp Voice Message Volume is Low on iPhone 7. This is another problem that.

Since iTunes no longer manages Tones syncing, I think you have to manually file in the same folder as described in the section Remove hidden tones. . to make it clear, the tones are visible (and working) on iPhone, not in.

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