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Motivation - Taylor Scientific Management Study notes. Administrative Science Quarterly, 23, Retrieved from " https: Good news and bad news. The five job characteristics are skill variety, task variety, task significance, autonomy, and feedback.

So what is the Job Characteristics Theory?

Job Characteristics Model

Each job has these characteristics to a greater or lesser extent. Journal of Applied Psychology, 60 2 , When a job has a high score on the five core characteristics, it is likely to generate three psychological states, which can lead to positive work outcomes, such as high internal work motivation, high satisfaction with the work, high quality work performance, and low absenteeism and turnover.

Journal of Occupational Psychology, 51 2 , Are they asked to do a lot of different things, or is it a monotonous, repetitive job?

Core job Characteristics 2. Views Read Edit View history. Licenses and Attributions. Current research in social psychology, 5, How Important is Pay as a Motivator?

Job characteristic theory

Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects. Taking from earlier empirical research on Job Characteristics Theory and Psychological Ownership , researchers developed a model that combined the two theories.

High satisfaction: Market in Focus: Finally personal and work outcomes include four factors. Related Collections.

Ansoff Matrix Study notes. These days, the Job Characteristics Model comes under the concept of work design or job design, where the emphasis is on shaping a role to satisfy the needs of both the organization and the individual. Critical psychological states and 3.