CAS latency

There are many, many different timings, but they deal with a fairly small list of commands: There is non-negligible latency inside the CPU between the core and uncore L3 and memory controller. The formula for the exact speed rating changes slightly based on the version of DDR memory your computer is using see below.

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Are there errors that cause this loss in performance or is it something else? The more of these cycles that happen per second, the more data can be stored and read, making for a smoother user experience. So, why are we still interested in fast memory with slow timings then? With asynchronous DRAM, the time delay between presenting a column address and receiving the data on the output pins is constant.

Related 9. So, what does that speed rating on your RAM actually mean?

How to overclock your RAM

To calculate the true latency of your RAM in nanoseconds, use the following formula: We got information and advice from several memory and motherboard manufacturers in the course of our research, and we were warned multiple times about the difficulty of tackling this subject.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Beginners Guides. In addition to standard speed ratings, each RAM module also has a rating for something called timings. Peter I already know that the connection between ram and cpu and of course with other speedy devices are not simple anymore and some designs are implemended the ram controllers inside the cpu or parallel design of the original FSB is becoming a serial.

Here are the four most common memory timings in the order they're normally listed , which for the G. Primary is the broadest, the rated settings are listed on the box e.

Despite the unique -T notation, this is measured in clock cycles like the other timings. Funny, isn't it. DDR memory with slow timings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

How Does RAM Speed and Timing Affect My PC’s Performance?

The answer is simple, but how it actually relates to your system performance is complex. All rights reserved.

Information About Us. To access memory, a row must first be selected and loaded into the sense amplifiers.

What You Need to Know about RAM Speeds – Is Faster RAM Worth It?

A row must be active for reading and writing data. And if you bring civil engineering into my metaphor, then it falls apart completely. Note that when we say "true latencies are remaining roughly the same," we mean that from DDR to DDR the range of current memory , true latencies started and ended at Memory and board manufacturers can work together to bake-in optimal timings for popular kits, but for the most part these are determined if left on auto during POST, where they should remain unchanged unless there are boot failures.

Andrew Coleman. Running the FSB at the same clock speed as the memory can reduce latency by avoiding buffering between clock domains. We shelved that article indefinitely, but due to reader interest thanks, John , we decided to explore memory subtimings in greater depth.

This will help those with newer systems make a good choice. Never miss your chance for big savings again by signing up for the Newegg Newsletter! It will be listed alongside the RAM with numbers presented in this format: Ram real time latency Ask Question. Higher CL numbers at a higher memory frequency often work out to a similar absolute latency in seconds.

Your motherboard would just pick the slowest one and run them both at those speeds. And here we have our final test. When running our RAM in our second configuration, our results were pretty similar to the previous tests, really only seeing a difference in the CPU test.