NBA Conference Finals

Gordon , Harden 25 each Rebs: Russell Westbrook 19 Rebs: James Harden 29 Rebs: Ben Simmons 13 Asts: Frank McGuire. Oracle Arena , Oakland, California.

San Antonio Spurs. Hassan Whiteside 13 Asts: LaMarcus Aldridge 30 Rebs: Philadelphia 76ers 1, Miami Heat 4.

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Rudy Gobert 13 Asts: June 6 9: Clint Capela 15 Asts: Rudy Gobert 12 Asts: After that point, the remaining picks go sequentially, in order of lowest finish to highest finish in the standings. It returned in as one of the divisions in the newly formed Eastern Conference. Jim Pollard. It also set them up for a potential second-round collision course with the Rockets.

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Fred Schaus. Kevin Durant 34 Rebs: Tom Thibodeau.

LeBron James 26 Rebs: In the first round was changed to also be best-of-seven. Chris Paul April 27 Boston Celtics 1, Syracuse Nationals 2.