How to Make A Taser: Several Taser Types And Instructions on How to Build Them

Unfortunately, none was as thorough as I personally wouldn't hand over that amount of money to someone online who is charging hundreds and thousands for lasers yet does not even have a professionally done website.

So I resorted to a standard variable PSU that gave me an output of 1. And do you know other products or brand that uses the same kind of laser diode? Yes you can just buy the diode online at places such as ebay or over aqt laserpointerforums. Are you the publisher? Ask away in the comments thank you: Next, take the pen and dismantle it too.

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Step by Step tutorial. Not satisfied with the harsh sounding options you've found so far? Report adult content: Without going into too much detail, you can take a PVC pipe that has cap on each end.

Your capacitor's negitive lead is on the positive side. Once soldered and tested, carefully insert it into the highlighter case.

How to Make a SPY PEN TASER

Remove the battery first and then the film. I need to get some safe equipment first as lasers scares the hell out of me! The Raspberry Pi is an amazing minicomputer, capable of doing all sorts of things and costing as much as a really nice restaurant meal!

The biggest problem is to focus the beam. By romanursuhack romanursuhack Follow. Dude, that totally sucks.

The housing comes with a 5mw laser pre installed, you don't want that, remove it and replace it with the diode from the DVD burner. Great tutorial, i have a few questions: Articles on this Page showing articles to of Hot women can sell anything! Thanks, You wrote awesome, I knew lots of things from your article. I always wondered if it could be done with a writer.

This information has been posted here as an educational resource. Ensure the final circuit is as small as possible.