Getting Started with Whole Brain Teaching

If the challenging student was successful in meeting his goals for the day, he received a sticker on his chart and if he was not successful, the square for that day stayed empty.

Getting Started with Whole Brain Teaching

The student may not be able to narrow down the focus of their negative behavior. Cart is empty Total: I can see that this level would be one of the most effective ways to reach those most challenging students. Maestra did not waste instructional time during the day disciplining him. As a fo. Let the student make a choice: Second, this strategy involves frequent student and teacher reflection.

Say, "Let's see how we can make our class more polite. I cannot wait to take my students to the next level with brainies this year!

Plan Together - Teacher and student talk together and develop a plan to make their "classroom experience more rewarding". The child chooses his behavior goals, maximizing student involvement. The child may say a rule and the teacher will show both ways of acting. However, it is VERY important to be able to back up what I say about my students and it is important to know exactly what I need to work on!

Sitting out of recess only fueled his anger. Sandy, I agree, it is wonderful to foster that positive relationship between the student and teacher!

Beloved Rascals – Whole Brain Teaching

Without calling kids out or reminding them a million times a day how to act, I just say, "Oh no, this is what they do in baby school! I think this game goes along well with the bullseye game. In place of telling students how to behave, we should guide them through entertaining practice of incorrect and then, correct behavior. File Type.


BackTalk Stopper! The longer we talk, the more students we lose. NEVER allow inappropriate behavior to go uncorrected … but don't scold, rehearse incorrect and correct behavior. Forget Buddy Reading! They got the chance to earn special rewards like Isham Bucks and prizes from the treasure chest.

Grades will be on a scale of , with 5 being the highest. The student can use these points to buy stickers, which should include stickers of something the child has a vested interest. I went to a Responsive Classroom conference last year mandatory and they had us watch a video on teaching the students about good choices. Click here for the first article in the series.

For example, for third graders, ask the class to demonstrate how first graders would open their books. Cart is empty Total: Each week the student would choose the action they were working on and I would rate their behaviors in the AM and PM with a notated happy, medium, or sad face for their parents to see in their planner.

When we play, we do one new question a day and review all of the previous ones, but you are free to play. This would have rewarded the whole class with a celebration. One thing I noticed about the Bulls Eye Game that was different from any system I have used is the setting of specific goals and rehearsing these goals. When dealing with students that try to con or cheat the game, you can alter the bulls eye rings to better manipulate their con to work in both of your favors.