Google's China Problem (and China's Google Problem)

Every school child knows the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid smashing into the Earth some 66 million years ago. The firewall also began punishing curious minds: In the final episode, eight million young Chinese used their mobile phones to vote; the winner was Li Yuchun, a year-old who dressed like a schoolgirl and sang "Zombie," by the Irish band the Cranberries. Yahoo was the first major American Internet company to enter the market, introducing a Chinese-language version of its site and opening up an office in Beijing in To try to save face, Microsoft executives pointed out that they had saved a copy of the deleted blog postings and sent them to Zhao.

Latest News Top News. His blog had been killed because of a single post. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, whose responsibilities include government relations, told me that he suspects the block might have been at the instigation of a competitor — one of its Chinese rivals. In China, downloading illegal copies of music, movies and software is as normal and accepted as checking the weather online. Apple to test out interest-free iPhones in China By Tim Sandle In an effort to boost sales of its hardware, Apple are to experiment with offering interest-free iPhones in China.

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Woman dies after eating at Michelin-star restaurant in Spain. When you use the Internet, it often feels placeless and virtual, but it's not. Chinese surfers could still access the old google. Shareholders want to make money. Saudi Arabia replaces envoy to Washington: Then in December, Microsoft obeyed a government request to delete the writings of Zhao Jing — the free-speech blogger I'd met with in the fall.

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Egypt court lifts ban on ride-hailing companies. International Peace Institute Your Bibliography: Study applies AI to analyze how children read By Tim Sandle A study conducted by of Lexplore indicates that advanced arterialise intelligence can show how a child reads.

And we decided in the end that we should make this compromise. One Internet executive I spoke to summed up the conundrum of China's Internet as the "distorted universe" problem.

The Distorted Universe.

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Looking To We ordered drinks at a faux-Irish pub in downtown Beijing. Vanuatu to give disposable diapers the flush.

Kelly on Saturday after prosecutors laid out in graphic detail what they said was his long history of sexual abuse of four victims, three of them minors.

Keep on Citing! Google displays similar disclaimers in France and Germany, where they strip out links to pro-Nazi Web sites.

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If you log onto a computer in downtown Beijing and try to access a Web site hosted on a server in Chicago, your Internet browser sends out a request for that specific Web page.

It was difficult for me to know exactly how Lee felt about the company's arrangement with China's authoritarian leadership. But she was a shopaholic, she said, and one day decided to take some of the cheap clothes she'd found at a local factory and put them up for auction online. Against this backdrop, the Google executives probably expected to appear comparatively responsible and ethical.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So Google's engineers hit on a high-tech solution. I met him in November in the lobby of the China World Hotel in Beijing, just after Ma's company had closed one of the biggest deals in Chinese Internet history. The Super Girl Theory.