Wisteria/ Wisteria Bonsai

The wisteria needs lots of water during the growing season. Let it grow a big fat trunk. The Chinese Wisteria will grow anti-clockwise whilst the Japanese Wisteria twines clock-wise. I just purchased a Wisteria bonsai.

Search forums. Wisterias tend to be early bloomers. Excellent service, strongly recommended! I usually have blooms in early march, and the trees come inside for almost 2 weeks.

How to Make a Wisteria Bonsai

After the leaves have fallen you can prune the branches and twigs and wire the branch structure. If you want a 3' Your bonsai will also respond well to foliar feeding, with a water-soluble fertilizer applied every other month as a spray.

It need a lot of water and fertilizer. These tendrils grow rapidly, as much as an inch each day.

I went to the nursery a month ago and it was on e of the best days. All trademarks and copyrights held by respective owners.

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Do not remove the new shoots until the end of August, otherwise the plant may set new flower buds and bloom again that summer, which will weaken the blooms the following spring. I've never seen wisteria used in a group planting, but I would not recommend it. Photos will help here too. Don't combine several trees in the same container if you've just collected them.

If the soil remains soggy you will need to correct it by draining it or adding more soil.

Wisteria - Bonsai Lesson Plan

Thread starter serpentsgarden Start date Jan 21, Following new growth, wire the new branches to spaces where there are no branches to fill the void. Repot younger wisterias every two years and older ones every three to five years in spring before the buds open. Thanks, Joao. Wisterias enjoy and thrive best in outdoor environments.

Otherwise they just take up room that I don't have on my tables. And this is pretty good advice because the shock of transplanting will be reduced. However, on plants that have not yet flowered, this is a good coarse of action.