DIY Skateboard Bearing Maintenance

This nut will push the bearing inwards along with it.

I have no idea why only 1 of the wheels goes slow! I bent or damaged the cage in Step 3A. This depends on what you are trying to do. Cleaning your longboard or skateboard bearings is quite a time-consuming exercise, but it's worth doing if you've got the time, inclination, and you want to save yourself a few quid on some new bearings.

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Using a bit of force, press down with the inner edge of your palm until the wheel pops off the bearing. Lubricate wheel bearing regularly; if bearings are missing, install new bearings on all the wheels. Press down to seat the second bearing. We are Warehouse Skateboards. After replacing the bearings on both sides of the wheel, replace the wheel on the axle. Place the bearing housing, still containing the individual ball bearings and raceway into a metal can or pot.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. It's about the same as the huntsman but has a phillips screwdriver instead of a bottle opener. Decks Buying Guide. Things You'll Need Bearings. Remove shields Use the knife blade or whatever you have to remove the rubber shield. If you're going to throw the bearings away anyway, you don't need to be too delicate with them, but try not to damage the wheel in the process.

Skateboard Bearings Maintenance - Warehouse Skateboards

If you do not have speed rings on the truck axle, place the following on the truck axle, in this order. Once your wheels and bearings are free of built-up dirt, you will be cruising around on your best wheels for skateboard effortlessly. Trucks Buying Guide. You can use a bent paper clip or exacto-knife to pry it up.

Fix slow skateboard wheels – Boys' Life magazine

It works like a champ know. The last place you want to find a problem is when bombing a hill or blasting a trick, so be sure to double check your handy work.

You'll Need Rags or towels Two clean bowls or cans Socket wrench Coffee filter Acetone, kerosene or mineral spirits Lubricant cream I suggest rocket propellant.

Make sure the wheel does not have play along the axle as this means it is too loose. Sure you had to pay for the damage, but didn't anyone look at you strangely If you dont want to clean your bearings and you have an old board with good bearings just switch them out and they should feel good.

Step 3 Remove Old Bearings Getting the old bearings can be very easy soft durometer longboard wheels are cake or very hard hard durometer shortboard wheels can be a pain. Yes - BUT - be aware that centrifugal force will spin oil out of your bearings and you'll need to regrease them to stop them seizing up.

Step 4 Install New Bearings Alright, the fun part!