Creating a Tech Startup without a Developer: the Lean Way

Instead, find what makes you different. Celebrate little wins. Questions about an article? And often, they were willing to commit all of their time and energy to this discovery because they were passionate about it. Previous Article You can now access Instagram without being online. All other features are just distractions. It takes months, maybe years, of hard work to get off the ground. In this way, the process is more systematic and based on some kind of order.

People buy solutions. Drive innovation. Although, you can hire someone to help you communicate efficiently with your developer—chances are you do not have the resources to hire anyone at this stage— your ideas sometimes cannot be completely articulated.

Be patient. Be prepared to eat glass. Get the media talking. Enjoy the ride. It just works out. Shutterstock Shutterstock. However, you have to design and test a new raft that is currently only a concept and drawing on a whiteboard.

Stay lean Reducing market risks is a good strategy for business development but how to implement it in a tech startup? It is important to make your business a priority, especially at the beginning. Despite a welcoming startup ecosystem, not all entrepreneurs will experience success.

A non-techie’s guide to building a tech startup from the idea stage

You may be interested in Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Search iAfrikan Search for: About Careers Contact. Devote sufficient time and effort to hiring the best-suited people in the business. Related Insights More insights. Founders are pulled in a thousand different directions with funding, recruiting, partnerships and strategizing, but the most successful companies have hands-on leadership not to be confused with micromanagers.

How to Start a Tech Company: 21 Crucial Steps

The time you have as an entrepreneur is extremely limited, so based on this condition is that you should focus strictly on validating if your idea business model is feasible or not, has a future or not? Provide detailed explanations and annotations for every aspect of your wireframe, especially if you are working with designers.

If you are not a technical person but you have a tech idea, here are steps to help you take your idea from a daydream to a successfully executed startup. The cost of acquiring new customers can be high. Be careful with fundraising. There are many successful unscalable businesses out there — McKinsey, Moleskine, etc. To be honest, the most important trait you need to start your own tech-startup company is to have a positive attitude and to do your homework.

Perform stress tests, talk to everyone in your network and get others on board.