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Send Us Your Feedback Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. She knew she wanted it high and with a lot of lift so we really went for it, placing it atop her crown and securing it with 3 Blax elastics. During her interview for her Allure June cover story, the actress let us in on the secrets behind her always-perfect hair, her beauty must-haves, and the absolute worst beauty advice she's ever gotten. What tricks have you learned on set? For Mary Kate, we wanted her hair to look like she came directly from the beach.

We decided to go for a retro yet modern take on the half pony. View yourself with Elizabeth Olsen hairstyles. Are the Olsen sisters really a set of triplets?

Lots of mascara, but those are her own eyelashes! In This Story: I lined the inside of her eyes with a dark brown Make Up For Ever pencil. But it was also an insane production.

Elizabeth Olsen - Beauty Riot

Beyonce vs To top it off I gently teased her crown and set her on a side part, spraying her roots with Dove Dry Shampoo for Volume for extra volume and hold. It was fun, and that was really creatively satisfying for all of us. Free Sign Up Login. I have to be on my game to come up with interesting options for [her] jewelry. I take Muay Thai and ballet and do regular gym stuff.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Bangs & Blonde Highlights Will Inspire You To Get A Bold Haircut

I like Chanel mascara and Dior mascara, and Nars [lip crayons]. And I really like the colors. It's light, and I tend to play characters that shouldn't look like they're wearing makeup. But it should be known that the sisters opt for air-drying over blow-outs to keep their natural texture in place.

My agent Lisa Walker came to the studio to visit yes, agents used to do that back in the day to schmooze publicists, agents, managers, and photographers and while I was on set working a wind machine I saw her step out of the studio with their personal manager and my stomach did a backflip. And finally, injections: Milly Haddrick Milly is a freelance journalist who devours all news, from the latest in Australian politics to Meghan and Harry's cutest couple moments.

Over on Twitter one fan tweeted on Dec. Or, one fan came up with an interesting conspiracy theory that we can totally subscribe to as well.