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FULL - Deck width: You need to keep the outdoor ramps portable as they can get wet and rot if they have improper contact with the surface of the ground. If you choose to build a portable ramp, make sure you take into consideration any storage issues.

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Pressing 8 skateboard bearings into 4 wheels. Such as Skate Lite or Ramp Armor. Wear goggles to deflect wood chunks and protect your eyes from sawdust. The plans for this ramp include a Ramp portion and a Box portion.

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Made Recently. Freshpark Skateboard Ramp Safety Rail. No backyard skatepark is complete without a Quarter Pipe. Skateboarding In other languages: This gives your ramp a short but safe edge to stand on.

Use CDX or better grade plywood. Skatelite is resistant from the sun and rain but laying tar paper underneath it will protect the plywood base from any water that gets in through any cracks. Cut your steel pipe into two pieces at 8' long with a steel cutting blade carbide blade and miter saw or circular saw. Finish the surface of your ramp.

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It is adjustable to three different height settings, and no tools are required. For additional info visit our Skateboard Bearings Buying Guide. Plywood is not weather resistant and is unforgiving when you fall but is the most cost effective choice for your surface.

Always back up any nails in the structure with a screw or two. Designed by pro skater,Ryan Decenzo.

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For skateboarders with a DIY attitude, we've also got skateboard ramp plans , so you can put together your very own. For additional info visit our Skateboard Helmets Guide. Things You'll Need Open space for jumping, preferably a flat, paved area. Bracing and secondary support offered by other parts add more stability to the ramp. Learning how to make a skateboard ramp, you have to understand that you can build as big as the available space.

Cookies make wikiHow better. Just keep in mind that pressure-treated wood will leave a nasty infection if you get a splinter. Plywood is made up of layers and each layer is given a grade. The height of this grind rail can be adjusted Connections are the way you put the different parts of the skateboard ramp together. Presented by. Performance training: When you place it on the frame that you made, ensure that one end covers the entire frame while the other end touches the ground surface.

Do not use PVC pipe plastic or electrical conduit, if you want it to last. These are pro wheels. The 4' height and 12' width make this ramp a great build for beginning and expert riders alike.