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The aftermath When base jumping, you never want to touch your shadow. Im a store cashier, today a lady pulled a bearded dragon out of her bra.

Wtf Santa! - Album on Imgur

Did a Secret Santa on another site and my Santa really made me work to open my gifts. What just I saw..!! Love Imgur? Oh look! Snow Dick? Nailed it! Gotta kick them all! Not cool George As I cracked the top off it released quite a gust of air. What my cat puked up. Uh oh Thoughts Never Die. No way! Wtf Santa! Might be time to buy a new knife.

Humans wtf? - Album on Imgur

That hole in the center was had quite a bit of air pressure in it. A lot of traffic for a cycle race Getting plowed on Valentine's Day. Today's Best Comments. The full haul. Dark Light Custom Preview.

The 14 most mind-boggling photos on Imgur last year

Phone battery wasn't working well, so I decided to swap it and look at it. Javascript is required to view comments normally. I expected wood glue holding the whole thing together, but as I'm prying it sounds like great stuff foam.