SAS TEC vs. regular CE protection

Forcefield Age: The SAS Tec is one solid piece of rubber looking type material. What you're looking at is D3O's new "Xergo" range of elbow, shoulder, hip and knee protectors. In its basic form an armored jacket will include shoulder and elbow armor.

Back protectors are a separate standard and category.

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Rev'it Age: Leatt Age: So, for the system to really work, there should be some sort of central database listing approved garments, IMHO. This thi Hi Rick, This article is completely awesome and clarifies a lot of concepts to the customer. An E would indicate an elbow pad, S would indicate shoulder, H for hip, K for knee.

Hip Protectors Colour: Strap On.

CE standards for protective motorcycle clothing - What you need to know

Learn More. Clothing and helmet size charts. The market's full of various types of back protectors. Completed items. Learn more about Bryan and the rest of RideApart's excellent staff here: And also that it is our moral duty as a serious developer of safety apparel to inform the final consumer correctly as to the level of protection he or she might expect when buying a garment described fit for motorcycle use. It is currently unclear and simply a mess, even for the very professional companies mentioned above.

Armor – Discussing the Differences

Thanks in advance. Energy is distributed throughout the synthetic elastomeric polymer and the enhanced chemistry continues to distribute energy on throughout the matrix, reducing the effect of impact. Color Oran As far as we are concerned, the standard for professional use can stay intact. Classified Ads. Back Protectors Colour: Many thanks to Keith Bloxsome from Bull-it and Reinder Wondaal from Covec, who provided much of this information and some of the graphics.

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Our E-Sales. Black Brand: Languages Italiano Suomi Edit links. This is also false: Feb In my mind that makes the lower-cost item better, but if the bulkier armor makes you even think of riding without the jacket on, then the more expensive one is the way to go.

Sold items. Your information about the forcefield 2 being the gold standard is outdated.

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Icon D30 Shoulder Armor. I am not a big fan of personal injury attorneys, but it is one way to drive change. Orange Age: By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies.

But you will also be assured that it is certified to have passed all the relevant tests.