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If you have a fish only tank, you could get away with a larger selection of these colorful snails without fear of having your prized collection of corals, sponge and other life forms being decimated. The first photo on this page is a head-on shot of a Tiger Cowrie snail poking out of its shell.

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They also have a Mantle similar to Tridacna clams that extends through the opening of the shell and covers most of its exterior shell. For those of you with hopes of purchasing and maintaining one of the better suited cowries for the aquarium trade, such as the Chestnut Cypraea spadicea , Gold Ringed Cypraea annulus and Snakehead Cypraea caputserpentis , the addition of algal matter such as romaine lettuce, seaweed, formula two flake food, pellet style vegetable food, and spirulina are accepted and beneficial to the overall health and success of these snails.

Seems like i cant find a right answer in regard to what they eat Author s: Tiger Cowrie shells are very beautiful: May Location: Shipping of these snails tends to be difficult due to the high dissolved oxygen required by these snails. He must have knocked them off. Despite the fact that this species does not occur in the Mediterranean Sea , shells of the tiger cowrie and the related panther cowrie, Cypraea pantherina , have been unearthed at Pompeii , the ancient Roman city near Naples , Italy, where these shells may have been used as some form of ornament.

I just bought 2. How did it work out? Arabian cowrie. They tend to be better behaved if you feed them. Perhaps some nory rubber banded to a small piece of rock? Tiger Cowrie snails are a favorite food of octopus. Sometimes these cowries will be mislabeled as to be considered one of the "reef safe" species of cowrie when, in essence, they should not be added as this particular cowrie is a carnivore, grows large and cumbersome and is not the species of cowrie that they say it is!

Accessed 6 September They will feed upon sponge, corals, anemones such as Discosoma and Tunicates ascidians. Sadly, these cowries have become quite scarce in the shallower parts of their range m due to over-harvesting for the tourist trade, whereby masses of the shells are sold as ornaments.

Ng and Ho Hua Chew, Current Tank Info: No, create an account now. Search forums. As they grow they can get a taste for soft corals and sponges. To cut a long story short it ended up back at my LFS after devouring my star polops.

The snails usually stay tucked up inside their shells during the day and forage at night, so you have to find one after dark to see evidence of the gray snail that lives inside. Nominated for a Blogger's Choice A For the most part the cowry grows to a couple inches in size, though some of the larger species will obtain 4 inches in size.

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They're not tolerant of nitrate or copper. Hawaiian Tiger Cowries occur in reef areas at depths from about 4 m to 40 m about 10 ft to ft. TheRightBlue on Twitter Tweets by therightblue. When I looked in the tank today an entire frag of metallic green mushrooms were gone.

Leopard Cone - The largest cone shell in Hawaii. Taxon identifiers Wikidata: Tiger Cowries: A live individual of Cypraea tigris viewed from the posterior end; note the mantle partly covering the shell.

If you look closely, you can make out the snail's proboscis and tentacles.