A Very Lengthy Tour of My Garden

That dusky purple hue on the underside of new leaves and they way the rain catches into pearls nestling in the middle.

A Very Lengthy Tour of My Garden The Canny Preserver

But it doesn't stop there - I've seen seeds and plants for sale in department stores, petrol stations, pet shops, markets, farm shops and DIY stores. I planted basil, cilantro and cucumbers this year. The easiest is made with twiggy prunings, like birch or hazel , and woven in situ where you are planting peas. There are two styles to try. Share this: That should be the main concern. Growing food offers important life skills, from children all the way up , and brings together unlikely communities, as Chris 'The Tomato Man' Kimberly discovered at his London estate.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. These beds were raised up high enough so that the roots could breathe whilst still drawing up water when they needed it.

I live in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas. I tried to grow watermelon up that chain-link fence last year. Fun times! On many levels, this is wonderful. By the time I finished the pruning , it was already flowering away like crazy!

Essentially the self-watering polytunnel has a pond underneath it, one that can have its levels regulated.

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These, Martin Crawford of Forest Garden fame writes, are edible. You can continue to trim it throughout the summer to keep it in check. We did a teepee this year too!

My plan is to just let the vines go across the right side of the yard. Spray the cuttings to keep slightly moist but never too wet. Do you cage your tomatoes or stake them or what? The weather is a serious business to us gardeners: Maybe I can get some more raspberries from you when we come up at the end of June?

Do I need to fertilize with nitrogen to promote growth? In the autumn a deep wine-red cyclamen stole my heart.

My Bougies in SD thrived planted in the ground. If you've missed it - catch up here.

How I Prune & Trim My Bougainvillea For Maximum Bloom -

Anyway it's been mild; my soil has been workable so I've planted out the last of the garlic sets, 'Flavour'; and 'Sicilian Red', some shallot sets, 'Longor' amongst my strawberry plants and two beds of onion sets.

I have two raspberry bushes and two blueberry that I planted last year — one of each is still surviving and my raspberry is already leafy and going crazy sideways!! What a complete load of old rubbish.