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They were occasionally needed for special interactions with other players, such as serenading. Charles King.

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Fungus Control for Lawns. He was soon being paid by other men to serenade their girlfriends. After dinner and after Uncle Staszek had serenaded us with his old violin that had just been returned to him, we parted from Eugenia and Staszek. An accordionist serenades passersby with " Moscow Nights.

Top definition. Log in. Carabao cart ride takes visitors to the resort area, surrounded by park-like setting while being serenaded by locals.

What does serenade mean?

After a half-hour show, he moved onto Fallujah, where he serenaded several hundred more soldiers in a burned theater. Close Thesaurus. Such a serenade is from the past, a typical product of ' serenade -givers', over with even as we listen and framed by its own doomed future.

With his face to the sun, serenaded by the gentle waves.

Examples of “serenade”

A lovely variety of birds serenade me morning and evening, rejoicing in their liberty and security. On one occasion a group of singers came to their cabin, and treated them with a serenade of plaintive music. It is impossible to test all plants for phytotoxicity. The story starts with Florindo and Cloviello serenading Prudenza and Rosetta.

In the beginning years, the competition was composed mainly of fraternity singing groups, serenading their sorority counterparts.

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Serenade in a sentence

Among others the midnight serenade at Mrs. Mozart's opera, serenading a woman with a mandolin. The sonata was finished, and then she sang—sang the "Angel's Serenade.

From the minaret, the muezzin's call to prayer mingled with the gentle serenade of mariachis. Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. Mix the spray solution thoroughly.