10 Reasons Your Period Is Irregular

Excess bleeding or indications of infection are especially concerning for a new parent. If you think you could be pregnant, see your doctor for a consult. Birth control pills provide you a steady dose of ethinyl estradiol, a synthetic version of estrogen four times higher than your body would naturally produce.

What should I do to tighten my pelvic floor? Still, your period will return eventually — and it could make its appearance in the first few months even if you are breastfeeding. Sheehan syndrome is caused by damage to your pituitary gland , which may be the result of severe blood loss. But regardless of what your period is like, Ashton recommends visiting a gynecologist for your first appointment between the ages of 13 and It can also take some time for your cycle to regulate after birth.

Hopefully, you found all the information about irregular periods that you were looking for. Try taking a hot bath or place a hot water bottle or a warm cherry stone pillow on your abdomen and do a relaxing activity. When to see a doctor Irregular periods are common. In this scenario the first thing we need to fix is cortisol. It's also important to take the Pill at the same time every day, without missing a day.

If you haven't already, be sure to talk to your practitioner about what's right for you. Can sperm swim the wrong way? From glowing skin to a newfound appreciation for your body, there are many things to love about pregnancy. Low Estrogen Among other things, you're most likely dealing with an underlying hormonal imbalance that needs to be resolved.

Abnormally light, heavy, short or otherwise different than normal periods are the rule rather than the exception for the first few months after giving birth. Sites We Love. It's tough remembering exactly when you got your last period was it the day of your chem quiz? Once you quit cold turkey, you are in a constant state of estrogen withdrawal and your ovaries have to remember how to secrete this beautiful hormone. When will my periods start again after pregnancy?

That means you need to de-stress. Pregnancy and childbirth cause a number of hormonal changes. You're pregnant. Why is my period late? Thankfully, the food is a miracle worker for women lacking the estrogen needed to ovulate, and thus menstruate. CMS Id: I am a vegetarian and would like to have a baby I have had puerperal psychosis and now I am pregnant again - what do I do? It takes time for the body to get back to normal.

The Return of Your Period After Baby's Birth What To Expect

Acne anxiety. How long is too long? Livestrong Parenting Childbirth Childbirth Information.

Happy periods, all! Which menstrual cup size is right for me? Do you think what is happening is abnormal?