‘Law & Order: UK’: Series 5 Episode 1 review

Gladstone says she will not be calling Perkins as she is mentally unstable, and Steel says this is without foundation, and Steel is worried that the seed has already been planted. When Phillips gets upset, he tells her that she is making this personal. Annabel Mullion.

They arrest him for suspicion of rape. As Merrick is giving his speech, Devlin and Brooks walk in, and Merrick become rattled.

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When Gladstone says she went there with the sole purpose of enticing him, and Phillips gets angry, saying she did no such thing. Corporate Contact Us. Steel says there is nothing they can do, and she walks out of the room, slamming the door. The Daily Telegraph. The Independent. Merrick will touch her again. At Miller and Baise Ltd.

I Natalie Chandler. I am, rather quietly and, until now, a tiny bit secretly, enjoying the British franchise of Law and Order despite having decided in advance that it would translate badly, because the Americans do this kind of pacy plot-twisting so much better than we do. Display Show Spoilers.

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Eastern on BBC America. Retrieved 26 November Adelayo Adedayo.

Castle says Phillips will go through hell in the witness box, and Steel says she is already there. Tariq Jordan. The thinking goes that a good idea for a TV show is going to be a good idea for a TV show just about anywhere, and taking the basic premise and giving it a new coat of paint to fit a little better with local customs will make a show that offers the best of both worlds, so to speak.

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In particularly, Harriet Walter and Bill Paterson turn in terrific performances as the bosses for the cops and crown prosecutors, respectively, and the guest cast is similarly good, from top to bottom, whether they be playing minor characters the cops talk to in their investigation or the owner of the crumbling building where that baby died. Jessica Gunning Angela 21 Episodes Jessica Gunning.

Retrieved The Guardian. On 30 April , the final episode of series 8 was due to air at 9: This article is about the adaptation of the US television series. Chandler says she is on her side, and Phillips admits it will be hard to prove. Phillips continues to walk along the street, alone. Latest articles. Ben Bailey-Smith.

Phillips enters with a pile of files of 14 women who were either assaulted or raped by Dr. But even though the cast is good and the script is solid and the direction is OK with far too much shaky-cam for this sort of thing , there's still a sense of just watching something that was made before. Ah, he's trying to work his ticket. Melora Hardin. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:.