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Please Dish, Microsoft, and Firefox, get it right! Step 1: As Windows phone users we are provided a poorer quality and less mobile feature rich service but we pay the same for the service from Xero.

Upfront fees may apply based on credit qualification. Please pull your fingers out for an app, or at least a responsive website?

They are targeting business users.

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We are Office based, and using Nokia Lumia Windows phones and Surface tablets we are fully cloud based and our recent move from SageOne to Xero is part of our next wave initiative to get a real grip on how the business is performing and what shape it is in.

Thanks for responding to all our points and it's nice to know that you are actively watching and responding even if there's nothing you can do yet. Please let me know if I can be of further help or if anyone else has found a way around this problem.

These posts do take a while That's not to say that we haven't considered other ways we could justify an investment in Windows Phone. As for the surface pro 2, I sling from my hopper all the time using either the desktop version of IE or Firefox, works great and I've had absolutely no issues.

Ben, and that is the reason I'm switching to FreeAgent. Please don't let us down by brushing this off for another few months.


The Canalys B2B market share data that's been quoted is the best argument so far, and I'm chasing it up. I wanted to take some time to address this thread because it's been a long time since the last Xero update Nov '13!

On Friday we all received our Lumia XL handsets at the company and are very impressed with the design, specification also specially Windows 10 Mobile, have tried Xero website on Edge on it in Continuum wirelessly which works very well however not all the time we have large Smart TV near us to connect and use Xero therefore very much hope that with Windows 10 and 10 Mobile released Xero puts away the anti-Microsoft behaviour and much like Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and many others it actually partners with Microsoft for developing universal app to move forward faster or at least do a responsive site to work on anything anywhere until Windows 10 hits the 1 billion devices which shouldn't be long at this rate.

I know there are complexities involved with the development of a Web-to-desktop application, but other companies have figured it out. Windows phones are now growing in popularity due to the Windows 8 desktop being rolled out especially amongst business users. Kevin Cust. Languages English, Spanish. It's good do know that at least "we" are being heard.

dishanywhere and windows 10

Aaron Ferguson. I can watch, record, rewind if I missed a part. You can already target all Windows 8 installations in PC, tablet and phone with 1.