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Don't know the URL, but start with www. He did sing it last night, beautifully. He gets lookin' for Bob. All I wanted to do was yell at every body to fuck off! Back to memoirs for a moment.

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Luckily for you, you should be able to listen to it via the internet. Developer Channel. There are only a few bits of I can picture with total clarity, and buying Cahoots is one of them. And Robert Cristgau, the guy who didn't even like Big Pink?

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We don't let a lot of people in. He never wrote anything that crass. Rock'n'roll's visual side on display in N. Entered at Mon Oct 19 Perth or Sydney has The Basement, which is a rather notorious club. Correct me, even if I'm right, as usual Entered at Wed Oct 21 Sorry - I can't afford a shrink: But hey that's fine - when you expand in your craft, your bound to take some steps back before moving forward - which becomes evident in his later work which I find fuses both a 'popish' styling with that soundtrackesque quality to it and to great effect in most cases.

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Particularly in those grungy villages around those big puddles back there where people tried to kill one another and eat one another in sleazy bars where all the drugs, booze and fornication started. Are you mad? Client was freaking out, wanted their site back up now! Great colour with the band well laid out with lights shining directly down showing mostly red and yellow.

He is married to another old friend of ours daughter. She still has a gale's force voice, though. One of Alberts crew, was the blackest black man you could find. I also own the soundtrack on vinyl, purchased still sealed for a dollar, maybe 10 years back.