11 weird ways fan fiction writers completely reinvent the 'Harry Potter' universe

Where now? Sign Up. Sure, they have magical powers, but other than that wizards are not highly functional people.

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James Joyce Ulysses Oedipa Maas came home from a Tupperware party whose hostess had put perhaps too much kirsch in the fondue to find that she, Oedipa, had been named executor, or she supposed executrix, of the estate of one Pierce Inverarity, a California real estate mogul who had once lost two million dollars in his spare time but still had assets numerous and tangled enough to make the job of sorting it all out more than honorary.

Rowling probably never intended in her original books. Book about a homeless boy living in subway of NY [s]. When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small town of Southport, North Carolina, many questions are raised about her past. Cagin, Mr.

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Then she meets Jack, a former Marine who runs a local restaurant and bar, and he really, really wants her to stay The film's opening credits are overlaid on the roaring blaze of a burning church, the scene moving immediately to the lonely back road where the murder of the three young men is re-created with graphic realism.

Michael Dukakis made a campaign appearance at the fair, a major political event, on Aug. Many of the authors like to keep Harry as a good wizard who is struggling to discover who he can and can't trust in his new Slytherin House, all while forming alliances and going to class. What's the Name of That Book???

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Sylvia Plath The Bell Jar Iain M. Because their schools suck. It was like so, but wasn't. He was homeless and living on his own in the subway of NY in a tiny nook no one knew about.

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Some of the stories are decidedly anchored in Rowling's original canon — think the James Potter, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape love triangle — while others completely reimagine the series and invent new plot lines. Parker and Mr. Charles Dickens David Copperfield Ages ago, Alex, Allen and Alva arrived at Antibes, and Alva allowing all, allowing anyone, against Alex's admonition, against Allen's angry assertion: Foreign languages.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in June of when three young civil-rights workers - Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney - were arrested on a trumped-up speeding charge outside Philadelphia, Miss. You'll have to read to find out. But it also means that she might have to reveal her profession to him Dray and other researchers, the F.

Harriette, Holly, Meredith, and Ivy are all examples. And yet the time they spent in the forest doing little except being angsty teenagers felt interminably long. Virginia Woolf Orlando Samuel Beckett trans.

Those who never ventured into the rural South in the 's might find much of it hard to believe - that backcountry lawmen belonged to the Klan, covered up killings and beatings, and were proud to tell you that N.

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