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Security guard for the hotel. Though his part was small, his expressive face and his physical comedy was a winning combination — guess it runs in the Culkin family. Support our work! Review Helpfulness Beta Enabled.

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Create widget. Loves a good scam. It took a genius Reddit user via Slash Film to discover this hidden plot point in the movie. Goes the Bell ".

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A name that would erase their phony dignity. You know the words khal and khaleesi , but consider working these other words and phrases from the Dothraki language —which was created by linguist David J. After Kevin spilled the milk all over the passports, his dad throws out Kevin's ticket out with the mess.

Runs a bomb ass toy store.

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The parents themselves don't exactly emerge as positive role models, but then again, if they had been more mindful, the entire premise of the movie would be shot. Whether it's the aforementioned Pepsi, Tic Tacs, Playboy, or Budget rental trucks, you're likely familiar with the items and services in Kevin's life, for better — or for worse. Harry looks at him, waiting.

This is Dothraki for horse, and there are many other words relating to horses in the language.

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What are the psychological effects of this family on Kevin? Movie details In theaters: However dreadful he may be, Frank is only an uncle. Linz plays Alex Pruitt, a shaggy-haired, scratchy-voiced moppet who accidentally ends up in possession of a top-secret military computer chip, smuggled inside of a remote-controlled car. The films are to be taken with the same seriousness as a cartoon, full of ludicrous and chimeric moments that entertain and offer a little bit of holiday sentimentality - just don't look to the McCallisters for peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

A little too pigeon-y but can get over that. In an empty and quiet home, What interesting things are we going to do?