Definition of queef

Ubisoft goes Steamworks bye bye, always on DRM. Barry suddenly felt quite nauseous and dry-heaved.

Vaginal flatulence

They're basically the vaginal version of making fart sounds with your mouth," Dr. The whimsical sound made by a rim-blown soprano flute. Regardless of its definition, the word queef will continue to bring bouts of laughter to anyone who hears it. Dictionary browser? Verb, past tense , meaning to pussy fart. English prepositions How to get prepositions right in a heartbeat.

Urban Dictionary: queef

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One of the mysteries of the English language finally explained. I'm never invited to depot events queef , queef, queef. Lots of Words. Bimboification Double Vaginal. Fart Sniff drugs. Why not have a go at them together! Tell a friend about InternetSlang.

Words and their definitions are from the free English dictionary Wiktionary published under the free licence Creative Commons attribution share-alike. Definitions queefed Verb simple past tense and past participle of queef.

APA Style queefed. Barry's mother was by now in the next room banging Barry's dad who was none the wiser. Without warning, she let out a very aggressive sounding queef which shook him to the core. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. Full browser? PFB 7.