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Park Ranger Salaries in Yellowstone National Park, WY

You're perfectly fine to have kids. The federal Office of Personnel Management sums up the diversity of the official park ranger series of professional white-collar occupational groups as follows:. Iriomote Cat Behavior Study. Rangers usually work about 10 hours a day, leaving plenty of time for family duties.

These comprise the two main disciplines of the ranger profession in the National Park Service. Many states and the National Park Service run internship programs for college students who are interested in becoming park rangers.

Kenton Miller, stated about the importance of rangers: Get Familiar With the Park System The best way to learn if being a park ranger is a good fit for you is to visit as many federal, state and county parks as you can. Not Helpful 31 Helpful So what could be so hard about becoming a park ranger?

Average Park Ranger Salaries in Yellowstone National Park, WY

After years of concern of pay, the National Park Service and the Office of Personnel Management agreed to consolidate the two series into a single group, to be used only for professional positions and temporary or seasonal positions. I love animals, and this site really helped me understand what I need to become a wildlife ranger. They honor the natural world. Park Plans for such matters as zoning for the strict protection of the natural environment, the classification of restrictions by relative strength for the protection of the natural environment, and visitor facilities for use are formulated.

How to Become a National Park Ranger

AC Ariana Chapman Apr 26, Candidates who have significant education and experience in fields related to park management should have the best prospects.

Do park rangers stay overnight in the park or live in the park? Once you've got the education and some work experience under your belt, it's time to start applying for your dream jobs. Sign In or Sign Up. Leidig and Archie O.

They collect important information on wildlife and plant populations, and participate in decisions that affect the health of the park in which they work.

Warnings Competition for park ranger jobs can be stiff, especially for law enforcement park rangers. Ranger jobs can be physically taxing.

It will also help governments in developing and transition countries to assess realistic staffing needs and staffing strategies. You will be asked to take this exam after you have applied with the National Park Service, in order to determine if you are fit to be a park ranger. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Portal Category Outline. The park technician series was designed to handle routine technical skills, i.

Cookies make wikiHow better. In the 21st century, Live the Adventure , showed the park ranger profession was only becoming more complex.