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Santa Ynez, CA. This article needs additional citations for verification. The cytotoxicity was determined by WST-1 assay and brine shrimp lethality bioassay, while antibacterial activity was assessed by disc diffusion method.

But did you know it can also cause dental and gum problems in your mouth? The endophytic fungus was grown on potato dextrose agar medium and extracted using ethyl acetate.

Many of the Feluda stories have been adapted into movies in Bengal. Los Angeles, CA. Waste generation rate was found 0. Experience of Waste Concern in Bangladesh. Food Agric. What can you do? Data were also collected through both direct observations and interviews with different officials of different institutional categories.

Cited in Enatetullah, I. Endophytic fungal strains of Fusarium solani , from Apodytes dimidiata E. Keep observing and checking your mouth regularly for any problems. Antibiotic susceptibility testing by a standardized single disk method. He was expert in English and Persian languages and in the traditional Indian and British Indian legal systems.

Some of the important metabolites from Cladosporium sp include p -methylbenzoic acid and peroxyergosterol [23] , cytotoxic aspernigrin A [24] , antifungal phleichrome [19] , macrolide metabolites: Crude fungal extract as well as several column fractions showed prominent cytotoxicity and antibacterials activities. When diabetes is not controlled, high glucose levels in your saliva also help harmful bacteria grow in your mouth.

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. It had been a municipal city since and was upgraded first into a Municipal Corporation and finally became a City Corporation in [10]. Upendra took to drawing while in school. Diabetics are at a higher risk for periodontal or gum disease which is an infection of the gum and bone that hold your teeth in place.

The relatively deshielded nature of these hydroxyl groups indicated that each of them might form intramolecular hydrogen bonds with any lone electron pairs of a functional group.

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It is to be noted here, compound 2 , identified as methyl ether of fusarubin, was isolated from the bioactive column fractions F and F Naphthaquinones produced by Fusarium solani isolated from citrus [J] Phytochemistry.

Lokman Hossain 1. You must keep your blood glucose under control to prevent mouth problems. However, municipal services in most cities and towns are already over-burdened and simply cannot cope with the growing demand owing to insufficient manpower and materials, resulting in unhygienic and filthy living condition in the neighborhood [3] [8].