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If you haven't noticed already, than this will be a very funny find. You must kill everyone along this path, otherwise the platforms that you need to make the jumps won't appear. Contents [ show ]. Once you reach the first checkpoint the path splits three ways for the first time. Throw your grenade, killing all 3 and unlocking:. The second T.

Bruckner's Tyrannosaurus rex

Despite being genetically engineered, the dinosaurs are wild and dangerous, and the M-G soldiers have been capturing them to be used as experimental weapons for General Kane, meaning a three-way battle between Whiskey Company, the M-G soldiers, and the dinosaurs takes place throughout the game.

Beat the boss at the end of the level and you'll be rewarded with the third level 5 key. Now from there to the north-east by some crates is a rocket launcher.

Average weight: If not hide behind the wall on the right and pick off as many enemies as possible with the plasma rifle. Make your way through the bunker killing all the raptors in your way.

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After committing various war crimes, Kane had disappeared three years earlier only to surface on a backwater world. Brown coloration, with rocky armour covering its hide. Turok 2's lone, fourteen second trailer depicted a massive desert T. PS3 Submitted by grantsta Final Boss 2. Upon reaching the top you will meet up with another fellow marine. The best option here is to take cover at the back wall and wait for them to come to you.

Sign In Don't have an account? You can either throw a grenade into a few of the dinos to wipe out the majority and finish them off with a plasma rifle. Eventually the beast will be throwing rocks at you, so be sure to pull out your knife and strafe until he drops below the water. Follow the path even through the swinging hooks until you get to the key room with a fireball demon.

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Cole, who is about to inform Turok of something, is suddenly killed by an arrow fired from Grimes and a battle ensues at the camp as M-G troops storm the area. Slade, Shepard, Cowboy and Turok enter the base, indirectly helped by Mama Scarface, who was rampaging at the base's gate. Only a well-rounded player could have earned a Battle Rating greater than in a DM match. Take the eastern path from where you got the first level 7 key, and it will lead you to the exit transporter.

During the events of the latter level, she will roam around a small area freely, eating MG soldiers while Whiskey Company watches on. Get out the flamethrower and run over to 1 of the mini volcanoes in the ground, wait for the fish to strike you can tell when its going to because it screams first and then attacks and as soon as it starts coming at you shoot the gas coming out of the hole and you will have your "fire turret".