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Holden's CIA file is still classified under "sources and methods" high probability it will never be declassified and released. That Barbara He did a comedy at Columbia Father Is a Bachelor William Franklin Beedle Jr.

From the Archives: Actor William Holden Found Dead at Home - Los Angeles Times

She wanted to get married. He was out doors a lot and no one used sun screen then. Can he lead her on the dance floor or is he hesitant about which direction to go? Numbered Men Movie Warden Lansing We used to go to school dances and when we slow danced I first felt the emotion of strong physical attraction for the first time.

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The same holds true for his later parts when he was an older, compromised man with a noble vision still fighting past that disappointed, craggy wonderful face. The great and the splendid have all passed except for Doris and we are left with the dregs! He could not have children with Audrey Hepburn because he had a vasectomy after his last son was born in the mid 40s.

Ashanti Movie Jim Sandell Miss you, Dottie K. Weary River Movie Warden Academy Award for Best Actor. You find his whole life story where he was born, how he got started in acting, his loves yes there were quite a lot and, of course, always the drinking. Against his better nature, the real hero would eventually come out but next to his predecessors, Holden's heroes were complex, ambiguous men.

From the Archives: Actor William Holden Found Dead at Home

Nice guy, down to earth. Amelie November 18, at 5: Look, Bill was a loner by nature. The dance scene with Kim Novak in Picnic Palm Springs, California. Although I am one of William Holden's biggest fans, I can completely empathize with her about the trust factor.

His career took off in when Billy Wilder tapped him to play a role in Sunset Boulevard , in which he played a down-at-heel screenwriter taken in by a faded silent-screen star, played by Gloria Swanson. He even brought his leading ladies the ones he was having an affair with home to meet his wife. But one thing I have to say, he did not deserve to die all alone in November , not with all the friends he had.