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During regular flight, the nozzles are turned horizontally directing the thrust like a conventional aircraft. The Harrier III would have presented an "evolutionary approach to get the most from the existing aircraft", as many of the structures employed on the Sea Harrier and AV-8B would be used.

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Harrier Jump Jet Used by the U.S. Marine Corps

As a consequence the Royal Navy's elite group of Harrier pilots, many of whom have flown countless combat missions, face an uncertain future, including possible redundancy. By that point, the Army was losing its battle for its own jets. Related Articles. Fury Taranis.

With export interest from Brazil, Japan, and Italy serving as a source of encouragement to continue development of the Harrier II, McDonnell Douglas commenced work on a night-attack variant in US Navy T McDonnell and McDonnell Douglas military aircraft and spacecraft.

Naval Institute Press, If you have any problems viewing this article, please report it here. An enlarged version named Harrier III was also studied, but not pursued.

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How A Vectored Thrust Engine Works

The aircraft is primarily employed on light attack or multi-role missions, ranging from close air support of ground troops to armed reconnaissance.

This time, the ground combat branch succeeded in getting a formal exemption for convertiplanes. The aircraft can be launched from small aircraft carriers and even smaller amphibious assault ships. Between and , Harrier variants were delivered.

Archived from the original on 22 June Eden, Paul ed. Most of them are still too shell-shocked over the Government's decision to consign the entire Harrier fleet to the scrapheap, together with the Royal Navy flagship which has been the fighters' proud host for nearly three decades.

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The Harrier II also has smaller valve-controlled nozzles in the nose, tail, and wingtips to provide control at low airspeeds.

The award recognises its position as the first vertical take-off aircraft to go into volume production. Airlife, AirForces Monthly. Specialty Press. Wilson, Stewart Making and Doing Deals: During its service history, the AV-8B has had a high accident rate, related to the percentage of time spent in critical take-off and landing phases.