Best Tools to Test my Internet Speed

What's the best way to test my broadband speed?

Email address. Try to reduce the number of devices in use at once and see if that makes a difference. Chapter 4 Why is my internet slow? Download speeds are tested by the client setting up multiple connections with the server over port Chapter 2: Business Internet And The same goes for non-connected apps. It said my download speed was After five minutes, restart your PC and close down as many programs as possible, including anti-virus software.

If other laptops are as slow as yours, then the router might be the problem.

The Guide to Internet Speed

Slow internet speeds can cause problems with your browsing. Business Internet Prov This is the most common unit of speed used. Finally, make sure you run the test more than once to find an average speed. An IT expert can come to your home and troubleshoot your connection issues. After conducting more than network speed tests from many different providers over the course of several days, I'm confident my ISP is delivering speeds approximating -- and perhaps exceeding -- those it promised when I signed up for the service.

Chapter 4: Me recommends you switch off any proxy server or firewall to ensure the results are the most accurate they can possibly be. The last site we'll look at is TestMy.

Depending on how fast your internet connection to your ISP is, then either the internet connection or the Ethernet connection could potentially be a bottleneck. Products Speedcheck Web Speedcheck Basic. Are you dealing with slow internet, or web pages that take unusually long to load? Are you getting all the network bandwidth you're paying for?

Tags Everything Technical Support. If you run multiple tests and find that your speeds are consistently slow, then this may indicate an issue that you need to address if you want to be able to browse the internet without delays, having to wait for pages to load, or running into buffering issues when watching videos.

But a huge firehose that puts out a gallon of water every second will fill the tank in less than two minutes.

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Try using your internet at different times when fewer people are online, such as late at night or early in the morning. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second.

If your wifi is still slow, then it could be a router problem or a laptop problem. What data transfer rates should you expect to see in the test results? I've predominantly been using this site for years. Windows Server En You may see your service slow down during peak usage hours, then speed up again late at night or early in the morning when fewer people are online. Download speeds and upload speeds.

Broadband Checker from Which?

Try using the internet at different times. We have attempted to include a brief description and give our thoughts about their attractiveness, ease of use, and functionality. Business phone service Most popular.