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I'd very much like this to be for the rest of our lives. Cover Story: It's false security. My last real holiday was in the Maldives in !

Toyah Willcox picks her final Tracks of My Years

In the early days the criticism just destroyed me, but now it has to be water off a duck's back. No man is going to stand in my way. But the outrageous make-up and wild hair did not mean her mind was undisciplined too! And I love making my own clothes. Toyah said. Naturally Toyah was all for the idea, but Di couldn't have been convinced because the world is still breathlessly waiting to see her in a Tina Turner, thigh-length little number.

I wanted to express myself. The image is so transient, it'll be remembered for three months at a time and them forgotten and I don't want people saying, oh she's got red hair, the music'll be crap.

Pop star Toyah Willcox: How I stood up to BBC gropers in the Eighties - Telegraph

So I took time off, I had to go away and think, do I really want all this, and I realised that I did. I usually write songs because I have to, but this time the ideas just flowed and flowed. Editor Rob. Simon Day. I love the depth of heritage here.

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I love all that! Toyah Willcox, once the punk industry's leading sprite, the woman who launched her own range of weird, wacky make up and inspired a host of tacky fashions, wears a mauve, well-tailored trouser suit and high stilettos. But when I hit the stage again, I'm still going to bite. I don't want to dash up to the top of the charts and then fall back swiftly.

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Giorgio Moroder Deja Vu feat. But work doesn't stop when she hits the lower decks, often to exercise in her gym. But slowly, through time, the value of fame has changed.