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The dressing gown is made from soft material and is covered in the Pink Cookie images which identify the brand.

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The Les Cheries range are the most stylish of the Corolle dolls, dressed in the latest designs and paired with modern accessories. Ken recieved a global social media campaign and outdoor initiatives that were a marketing first for the brand.

Autumn sees the introduction of new segments, which tested highly among our target consumers, including Bratz On the Mic and Bratz Masquerade. Children can collect a range of different Smurfs characters, including Baker Smurf, Lazy Smurf or Harmony Smurf which comes with score, chair and instruments.

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The Hello Kitty Flower shop also includes an outdoor garden. The range will see the introduction. In , Mattel will introduce a new Barbie segment, Family. If the weather turns for the worst, simply fold out the hood and padded cover. New products include the Peppa Pig Puzzle and Colour — once the puzzle is completed children can turn it over and colour in the black and white image on the back using the crayons provided — and a 9-in-1 bumper back.

Sorry - this product is unavailable right now. The product can be eaten raw or baked and comes in four different colours — red, blue, green and yellow — which can be mixed together at the powder stage or when the dough is. The Count and Scan shopper is a learning toy that helps toddlers shop. In terms of the key licensors and agents the UK industry will be aware of, there are a number of highlights.

Additional, smaller toys include the Speed Boat, complete with a.

That potentially equates to six weeks before that child can buy a toy again. There are also crinkle effects, ribbons, clanking rings, busy beads and a baby-safe discovery mirror. To this end, I have also heard soundings that regulation may be afoot on these matters.

From left to right: Showing 1 - X of our buying options. Mostaix is made up of small, different shaped plastic tiles which children put together to make mosaic style pictures.

The doll is dressed in a sparkly pink dress, with party accessories, including party plates, a golden bag and golden shoes. The Clifton - Chenier, Clifton [: A nice set of golden handcuffs in any business. The product can be eaten raw or baked and comes in four different colours — red, blue, green and yellow — which can be mixed together at the powder stage or when the dough is moulded, to create different colours.

Place the Vortex Aero Howler ball in. The dolls category performed strongly for the first three months of , with fashion-themed dolls especially strong in March, up 27 per cent. Suitable for children aged three-plus.

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In fact, the US Bratz Facebook page now has , fans. Ratcliffe comments: Kill Naran. Created for babies and toddlers, the toys are made from brightlycoloured fabrics in a range of different textures.

The teninch Parallax figure comes with tentacles which move and a secret claw attack that can extend, grab its prey and launch it into orbit. The Battle Shifters Figure Assortment comes with jumbo battle accessories ranging from a giant scorpion to a huge battle fist.

One thing they all have in common though, is that they are likely to give a significant sales boost to the toy industry.

Enter the Ninjago It has enjoyed considerable success with a number of third party licences and now Lego is using that experience on its latest IP. There are also larger and piece designs featuring Kitty in her iconic poses.

The range introduces a series to appeal to girls and collectors of all ages, who can personalise Hello Kitty homes and places. The firm has already released Thor and Captain America posters, while it is also planning a Smurfs range.