How to reset a Windows Phone

More From Smartphones. The phone then started to glitch and have issues as reported. Ignoring this rule will result in a ban. Pay the extra premium for a Business Service and you still get stuffed around.

Well, I am the account owner, but when we ported another phone to this account a few years back the "account owner" name changed to the user we ported accross. I'm hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction on this one. Vodafone has a huge January sale on right now. This is not a question but rather a warning to anyone thinking of getting one of these new handsets.

First the firmware is downloaded and then the firmware is deployed. None of the issues reported by Telstrausers are present on my phone - or any other non-Telstra as far as I can tell. May 30, at 1: To pin contacts go to any contact and do a long press and hit pin to start screen.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool: Reset, Recover Bricked Phone

Will holding the power button down and swiping down to do a soft reboot be sufficient enough for you? Nokia Lumia Disassembly [6: Pass the test: It took my non-working Nokia Phone effectively 3 days to travel from the Eastern Suburbs to the City! How do I do it? Windows Phone.

Apps obviously but songs, artists, playlists, people, pictures, videos, etc as well. I tried again but failed a few times again but then last time I tried my phone just went dead. Best Of Nokia Android.

And to cap it off whilst I was waiting in a queue to be seen and having explained that I do not have a working phone including receiving calls the 'moron' asked me for my mobile number to call me when my appointment was due. Some people have even wiped their entire Lumia handset in the hope of improving the stability and battery life.

I purchased it outright from AllPhones without any carrier settings or modified firmware.

Mohammad Saqib. Turn off your Nokia Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons until it vibrates, after that you have to release all the keys then phone will vibrate 3 times.

Pls share your knowledge about this.

Force shut down

All information is for devices with stock based ROMs. Anyone out here have any ideas? This has the added benefit of showing their updated Facebook status when it changes.

When i give it to the Service center they said mother board failed.

Schould I download? All data will be lost! Nokia Lumia hard reset. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. This tool can help you factory reset and recover your Windows Phone from the most critical faults. As far as I'm aware, the day no-questions-asked returns policy was abandoned well over 12 months ago. MoWeb Level 1: Writing on the Microsoft forums, one user posted: