Harley-Davidson VRSC

You have friends in the custom bike building business: Big and beefy 43 mm front forks add to the already chunky and mean look of the bike, while providing extra strength and stability and lowering the unsprung weight on the front wheel.

This was on a bike bereft of any kind of aerodynamic aid. To that end, the company spent a lot of time and money headhunting the "right" people to lead the project and design the bike, and various established Harley contractors and suppliers were invited to come on board, never mind that many of these firms were out of their depth and had insufficient experience of front-line racing.

V-Rod and tall riders

Top gear in the V-Rod is fifth. In America, V-Rod buyers often came from other brands, attracted by its modern engine, excellent performance and not-the-usual-cruiser style".

The wheels were replaced by black slotted disk wheels, with dark orange pin striping. I'm also fine on sportbikes so really, a lot of this depends on the shape you're in, the flexibility you have.

A relatively low, inch seat height keeps center-of-gravity at a reasonable height. In much the same way that you quickly get used to, and ignore, the torque reaction on a BMW Boxer, you quickly get used to this idiosyncrasy of the V-Rod. The V-Rod signaled a new wave Harley. My quickie solution was to take the preload adjuster collar from standard position of 2, and take it to the firmest setting of 6.

Super Glide FX. But is the V-Rod Muscle all engine?

Harley-Davidson Has Quietly Killed the V-Rod - The Drive

It's got presence, poise and power. Easy and pretty affordable. Hidden categories: Thanks for signing up! And up to a point, it returns reasonable handling for anyone clinging to middle-ground riding. Motorbikes Today. The Terms of Use.

Harley-Davidson Has Quietly Killed the V-Rod

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