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I have Nissan Quashqai and have replace 2 injectors in past 12 months and very expensive to do so in Ireland. Upcoming Events. Awesome info! Soso on October 2, at 7: Brianp on August 18, at 8: It happens only when accelerating slightly hard.

Insignia juddering when accelerating whistling

You can also read some reviews: They sometimes come out but when i tried taking them out 2 of them snapped in the head. In my Ford fiesta 1. Log in or Sign up. If the management light is on it'd be worth getting the fault codes and checking out what the ECU is saying. I have a 91 Chevy S10 5 speed. Ganesh on January 3, at 9: Christopher Walls on April 2, at 7: Warped rotors?

Sign up to the HonestJohn. That's the first thing I'd try. Is this exceptional or extremely unusual? REAL diagnostics is working out what would cause an item to fail rather than just throwing money at one part after another with no guarantees.

That is worrying as the service intervals are 20, miles. Thanks for your help boys. If I release the gas pedal it dies. Perfectly fine accelerating on level road but when I try to accelerate uphill its almost like the. Someone told me my feul injectors were bad. I have a Dodge Ram Hemi 5. I own a diesel Vauxhall Astra model. Cheap to run, easily fixed, not many faults, tried and tested for years.

You probably have direct injection only makes it worse. I am having the same problem with my Lancer….. It also has a strong exhaust fume odor. The sound and judder stop when I push the clutch in. Had similar problem with my mpv in Ghana.

Can smell raw gas a times Reply. Becky on March 16, at 3: