Book review: "When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry…"

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Scholastic Canada When Sophie Gets Angry

Find a tree and start to climb. I have never heard of this book! Teacher's Choice Award Classroom What a wealth of fabulous ideas and resources! Add to Shopping List. Even older kids will enjoy the experience.

When Sophie Gets Angry

Be the First to Write a Review. People can search for your public lists. Hardcover Book. Save Add. That's a great book! The arts involve the multiple intelligences —linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.

When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry… Hardcover Book at Lakeshore Learning

Your Name. Description This unique book uses simple text, bold illustrations and changing color hues to express a range of emotions associated with anger. The vivid colors and illustrations likening Sophie to a volcano get the point across. What Would Sophie Do?

Book review: "When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry…"

While on my internship, I used a book, for a student who stuttered, that talked about feelings and emotions of the people who are in conversation with those who stutter. Arts Integration is an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Consider using fingerpaints. So too does the resolution that Sophie finds, by escaping outdoors to climb her favorite tree.

Unable to display Facebook posts. Thank you, thank you sweet Heather! Inferring, Making Connections. Julie Hedlund February 23, Courtney littlespeechcorner. The situation is typical; Sophie's sister has taken her toy, which makes her very angry.