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SnowFire talk So there are now two good reasons to procedurally close this MR: While I don't think that Primefac could have closed it differently based on the discussion at hand, the debate was a classic example of a shouting contest. The opening party of the move review acknowledges that the original move was performed "unilaterally and without discussion" and "was obviously controversial", and agrees with me that the move should not be reversed.

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The page would have been moved as proposed. What does it cost? If we go to the left, that would get us to negative 5. Gentle reminder that MR is only used to evaluate the close , and this close was righteous!

But what if you're just somewhat paranoid about specific activities? Kshmr talk edit history logs links cache watch RM The closure is unreasonable because the arguments for supporting the move are stronger than the opposes.

V and WP: Logarithmic scale.

Logarithmic scale

It's about the same as simultaneously arguing that a local ordinance should be ruthlessly enforced nationwide but in perverted form , and arguing that the reason to do so is because it's supposedly an unconstitutional and invalid law but really isn't. If we do it twice, we're adding 2 times Discounting countered evidence is supervoting. Dealing with this earlier would have simplified this RM. If you multiply that same distance again, you're going to multiply by 4.

I normally think we should stick to our MOS wherever there's any doubt, but this is one of those few cases where there isn't much doubt. So if you do that again, if you do that distance, then that gets you to Now what's really cool about it is this distance in general on this logarithmic number line means multiplying by 2.

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In other words, the scope of the article was good, but the actual term used was wrong. The burden should be on those who want to argue against what is clearly the common name among the sources we already cite.

Uninvolved Per TonyB, this close was righteous.

It's ridiculous I have to say this, but to any "MOS types" reading this, I am not spiteful, I am happy for your input it and encourage it, I certainly don't reflexively oppose all MOS-arguments, and don't take what SMcCandlish wrote about me seriously. Not only is it possible that it'll be logged by your ISP, but with free-flowing data your activity is potentially open to anyone on your network.

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Retrieved from " https: Well we could do the exact same thing that we did with 2. Since the closed RM is all muddled, it would be better to follow the closer's advice to open a new RM. Personal Protective Equipment?