Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in July

The Texas legislature began forming committees in its first month of session this year to address water concerns. Sweet peas Potatoes. Try it grilled: We endured a hellacious drought last summer — not our first, not our last — yet winter and spring have brought much anticipated renewal, for both garden and gardener.

Radishes , turnips, beets, and carrots can all benefit from a second planting in zones 4 and 5, where Indian summer is common. Determine the maximum size by watching the floret development. Neem oil has some effect but not much. Harvest greens while the leaves are young and tender and before they start turning yellow or brown. Plants covered with spunweb never need to be uncovered. With proper care, these plants will produce over a long period.

Read More. She has supplied produce to H-E-B for more than 25 years. Jan Feb 5 Feb 4- 5. Fence your garden. If possible, do not store cucumbers in the refrigerator for more than 2 days. Rosemary is a hardy plant that thrives in hot, dry climates. Search for these Texas varieties Although many varieties of garden vegetables are available, only three or four varieties of any one vegetable are well suited or adapted to a particular area of Texas.

I agree that we have truly been bleesed as gardeners this year. Feb 8, , 6: Mustard , transplant: Early sprouts should be picked several times, taking the lowest on the plant each time; otherwise, they will open and become yellow. Another test for maturity is to pull the largest carrot and examine the bottom or growing tip.

Determine when to water by examining the soil, not the plants. Cover the herbs with a cloth that will keep dust off but allow moisture to pass through. Do not add too much ammonium sulfate, and do not put it too close to the plants. Feb Feb Once established, it will spread and self-sow, so give it plenty of room.

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Okra can be a little "prickly" to some gardeners. Choose a location in full sun, which means six or more hours of direct sun in summer. There are two forms: