Clouds That Make Rain

Once you drop in the match, the smoke gives the water vapor something to condense around. I assume so. These blue-to-gray clouds typically cover the whole sky, and they are formed from both drops of water and ice crystals. Now, when you squeeze and release the bottle, a cloud forms. You might expect the Sahara area in Africa to be a desert, but did you think that much of Greenland and Antarctica are deserts? Grab your umbrella if your sky is filled with altostratus — they often form before storms with continuously falling snow or rain.

I had 5 kids from the ages of and they all thought it was so much fun. Repeat this step one or two more times, but pay close attention to what is happening below the cloud!

Cloud Facts, Worksheets & Information For Kids

They often produce precipitation that is usually light to moderate. In the first method, we used hairspray as the particle source and in the second method we used smoke from a match as the particle source. Water Vapor — when water from the Earth evaporates into the air, it becomes a gas and is called water vapor. So I think this would be a great one to do in the preschool classroom or at home with your own kids.

Want to become a club helper for free club tuition? When enough droplets stick together in the clouds, they become large and heavy and are pulled down towards the earth by the force of gravity.

Lull, H. Place the jar and the cups of colored water on the table. This post may contain affiliate ads at no cost to you. Watch this video and understand the educational explanations behind moisture levels and dew points as well as other interesting weather related facts. But, the rain amount that Georgia gets in one month is often more than Las Vegas, Nevada observes all year.

To see the cloud even better, turn off the lights and shine a flashlight into the jar towards the black paper. View all landmark worksheets. Be gentle as you do this to ensure that the balloon does not come off the top of the jar.

What Is Condensation? If enough collisions occur to produce a droplet with a fall velocity which exceeds the cloud updraft speed, then it will fall out of the cloud as precipitation. They are referred to as "alto-" clouds and bear such names as altostratus or altocumulus, depending on their shape.