The Miller, who is one of the few Americans to start the Dakar Rally, is regarded as multi-talented. Chris Kemp , San Clemente, Calif. Donald Moss , Sacramento, Calif. Posted by black e media at 5: My guess would be that the next race will be the Baja " Another: CLASS 3—1. We are fortunate the gun was only fired once and that we all made it out without another shot fired.

It is clear to me that God has other plans for us and that is why we are so blessed to be home, safe and sound, with only a wounded friend and a story to tell. And riders enjoy racing in Baja so much that many ride for multiple teams, hoping to pull of double class wins if possible.

Every racer in Baja needs Oscars phone number now. Steve made it to the highway and literally collapsed from exhaustion and pain. Jeez, all Ramos had to state was 'a rancher' and he'd look golden. They had no comments, just kind of stood around. Tomorrow I get to take a closer look at it and will bring you the details. A quick stop in Rosarito to unload the bikes and the gentlemen then drove like Mario Andretti on the back roads to TJ and literally took me straight up to the waiting room.

The motorcycle and ATV classes in this race have also attracted adventurers from not only the U. The Baja will run from Nov. Mirza Latic Conseiller de vente voitures d'occasions.

Losch - Accueil

Jimmy Lopez , El Cajon, Calif. Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz. I picked up his Yamaha with my back still turned away from the fence and tried kicking it over.

Once the chopper fired up shortly after nightfall it was as if we all held our breath and as it flew away and disappeared behind the building we all let out a big sigh of overwhelming joy.

He said at Mile the had to change out the gear box. Steve told me he is at peace and has forgiven the unidentified individual for shooting him.

At that point I fell apart and finally realized Steve was going to be OK. Pre-running on the approximately mile loop course that will start and finish in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in the heart of Ensenada will officially begin on Saturday, Nov.

Garage M. Losch – Bonnevoie

We also had special 'talents' handling the local challenges, lets say. Our weekend started off by Aaron, Steve and I departing for Mexico leaving from Campo and crossing through the Tecate area. Tim Dollander , Scottsdale, Ariz. As of this past weekend we were not scheduled to compete in this , but our sole intention was to pre-run sections of the course and make ourselves available to compete if another team needed a last minute rider.

Nick Saia, Morro Bay, Calif. Pfankuch is one of seven San Diego County drivers and riders who lead their classes going into the Baja Matthieu Feraudo Magasinier. When the race truck arrived to the Baja Fool's pit for the second driver change, I discovered they had built a small compound in the middle of the desert complete with food and drink and a few thousand of their favorite fans.

By Bill Center. I mean with gravity accelerating you at 9. Steve Corrie , Brush Prairie, Wash.