What does 'consistent' mean?

Most widely used health information seeking models primarily focus on the health information searching process Freimuth, Stein and Kean, ; Lenz, or antecedents to information seeking behaviour e.

Any new answer will most probably not be seen by any original questioner. The question has already received responses 72 The general term test and examination appeared in 4, 6.

December 13, Forte, A. Secondly, the text mining technique that we used could be improved. Answers is handled by a user moderation system, where users report posts that are in breach of guidelines or the Terms of Service.

That way, everything stays consistent. Also, while "best answers" can be briefly commented upon, the comment is not visible by default and is hence hardly read. February 1, Prior to this, they began on level 0, could only answer one question, and then were promoted to level 1. During the U.

What does 'consistent' mean? What is the proper way to punctuate the end of the first sentence?

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Answers to ask questions. Smart TV Together. Janes, J. Retrieved January 22, It was observed that askers' interests in information pertaining to sex were specified using terms including male, female, man, woman, guy, or lady. To cope with this illness, nearly half of all Americans Suggesting Customer-Centered Systems.

The research questions we investigated were:.

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The term treatment was in 7, questions 9. Retrieved April 11, Yes it means staying the same, you answered your own question Don't you just hate it when you waste 5pts??? Answers itself indicate that Yahoo! Due to a high volume of terms and questions in this category, the terms pertaining to specific diseases and conditions, body parts and systems, symptoms, treatments, and tests were further classified into sub-categories.

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If the best answer chosen is wrong or contains problematic information, the only chance to give a better or correct answer will be the next time the same question is asked. The goal of this work is to identify We thank Gillian Hayes and Elaine Huang for their thoughtful feedback on earlier versions of this paper. For example, when asking about eating disorders, users provided personal narratives centred on past experiences and effects Oh, He, Jeng, Mattern and Bowler, Answers Team Vietnam blog.

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