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See also: However, given that budding yeast and higher eukaryotes exhibit considerable differences both in their interphase microtubule organization and in their mechanisms of mitosis, extrapolating results from yeast BIM1 to metazoan cells becomes precarious.

Chromosome bridges, KT-MT attachment, and aneuploidy Several studies have previously identified some degree of aneuploidy under conditions that would be expected to induce chromosome structural aberrations, and hence chromosome bridges as a main defect.

Abstract Accurate chromosome segregation during cell division is essential to maintain genome stability, and chromosome segregation errors are causally linked to genetic disorders and cancer.

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These phenotypes were not directly observed in S2 cells depleted of EB1, and it is postulated that this is due to activation of the spindle checkpoint as the result of damage to the spindle Rogers, A motor protein consumes energy in the form of ATP and converts it into motion or mechanical work.

Similarly, telomere dysfunction was shown to be associated with aneuploidy [ 27 , 28 ] and polyploidy [ 22 , 29 ]. Radiation research. This represents a newly discovered mechanism for maintaining polarized arrays of microtubules Mattie, Mitotic spindles in EB1-depleted cells lose the ability to self-center and are generally mispositioned within the cell.

Curr Opin Cell Biol. Mammalian EB1 also has been shown to interact with dynein intermediate chain and with subunits of the dynactin complex Berrueta, , and so it may mediate motor microtubule linkages at the plasma membrane of higher eukaryotes as well Rogers, Normal human mammary epithelial cells spontaneously escape senescence and acquire genomic changes. From traditional medicines to modern drugs.

It was previously suggested, but never demonstrated, that telomere dysfunction-associated aneuploidy may arise via loss of attachment between the bridged chromosomes and the microtubules of the mitotic spindle [ 27 , 28 , 30 ].

DNA breaks and chromosome pulverization from errors in mitosis.

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Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field. Topoisomerase II inhibition prevents anaphase chromatid segregation in mammalian cells independently of the generation of DNA strand breaks. DNA damage foci at dysfunctional telomeres. January 19, Copyright: In the absence of EB1, the central spindle still contains kinetochore fibers, often they are partially or fully detached from the centrosomes, which gives rise to defocused or 'splayed apart' microtubules at the poles.

It can become a kinetochore microtubule, a polar microtubule, or an astral microtuble. These data indicate that bridged chromosomes display different dynamics of anaphase poleward movement compared to the rest of the chromosomes, which causes the bridged chromosomes to persist in a position proximal to the spindle equator. To test this hypothesis, we studied the kinetochore-microtubule attachment in anaphase bridges occurring in vHMECs or in bleomycin-treated PtK1 and HeLa cells, and analyzed the presence of k-fibers at the kinetochore interface by tubulin fluorescence quantification Fig 4A—4F ; see materials and methods for details.

MT's are continuously assembling and disassembling. The mitotic origin of chromosomal instability.

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Analytical Biochemistry. The furrow appears as a puckering in of the plasma membrane along the axis perpendicular to the mitotic spindle apparatus. Whole chromosome loss is promoted by telomere dysfunction in primary cells. Annu Rev Biophys Biophys Chem. Instead, our data suggest that while the microtubules bound to the kinetochores of normally segregating chromosomes shorten substantially during anaphase, the k-fibers bound to bridge kinetochores shorten only slightly, and may even lengthen, during anaphase.

First, we used psilenced human mammary epithelial cells referred to as variant HMECs or vHMECs [ 22 ], in which high frequencies of chromosome bridges are known to arise due to telomere dysfunction. The Drosophila melanogaster chromokinesin NOD contributes to congression, but the means by which it does so are unknown in large part because NOD has been classified as a nonmotile, orphan kinesin. Gene name - Eb1 Synonyms - Cytological map position CC8 Function - cytoskeletal component, signaling Keywords - controller of the plus ends of growing microtubules, mitosis , cell polarity , cytoskeleton , gastrulation.

In prometaphase, MT's which bind to a kinetochore the protein complex found in centromere constriction of a pair of chromatids , make up the kinetochore MT's. PLoS One. The wall-attached filaments pull the centrosomes toward one of the poles. These subunits are slightly acidic with an isoelectric point between 5.