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Colors of biotechnology Industrial biotechnology. May 19, This vaccine was made possible by the cell culture research of John Franklin Enders , Thomas Huckle Weller , and Frederick Chapman Robbins , who were awarded a Nobel Prize for their discovery of a method of growing the virus in monkey kidney cell cultures. Author Contributions Conceived and designed the experiments: Nat Protoc 1: Aseptic technique aims to avoid contamination with bacteria, yeast, or other cell lines.

To compare neuronal survival between the center and edge of the well, we calculated the cell viabilities at both positions.

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Figure 5. The effects of the 3D PuraMatrix hydrogel and coverslip on primary cultured neurons were evaluated by measuring neurite length, cell viability, and neuronal ratio. Cell lines that originate with humans have been somewhat controversial in bioethics , as they may outlive their parent organism and later be used in the discovery of lucrative medical treatments. Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy.

Engrafting these transformed cells into Long neurites on PuraMatrix can be considered an indicator of in vivo -like conditions, because neurite elongation is promoted by an in vivo -like collagen gel [23]. Medium 2: Panel B is the same image as in panel A except with on overlay of the white light image to verify the location of the channels and microgrooves.

No other media tested produced longer neurites or higher viabilities than media 0 and 2. Major 1.

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Without PuraMatrix, PC12 cells aggregated in solution, but did not attach to the bottom of the well or extend neurites. In the absence of a coverslip, astrocytes proliferated locally, mainly at the edge of the wells with PuraMatrix Fig. We found measurements of spine density or factors other than neurite length to be relatively inaccurate and difficult compared with measuring neurite length because the resolution of neuronal images is decreased by the rough, thick, and semi-opaque 3D PuraMatrix.

Indeed, axons elongate 5—10 times faster than dendrites, and longer neurites are considered to be differentiated axons at maturation stage 5 [12]. Methods in bioengineering: Reproduction of any materials from the site is strictly forbidden without permission.

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Nature Nanotechnology. The protocol for GlutaMAX indicates that it may reduce or remove the need for medium changes. Without PuraMatrix, the neuronal ratio varied depending on the presence or absence of a coverslip.