How to: Use WhatsApp on iOS

Type in the person's first name.

How to Share iPhone Contacts with WhatsApp

App works pretty well on all platforms. About the author. Tap Done. Not Helpful 17 Helpful Wire service provided by Associated Press. Doing so will save your contact's information to your Android's Contacts app; additionally, if the person you added uses WhatsApp, you'll now be able to contact them from within WhatsApp.

Too many duplicate numbers in contacts? Here's how you can fix it

Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? Read more.

Open up WhatsApp and then go to Contacts in this service; 3. In the end, enter contact name, phone number, email, etc.

What do to when WhatsApp can't access Contacts after iOS update

Get In Touch. If you did, Facebook is continuously uploading these contacts to its servers. I have a Windows phone. We Heart It.

Too many duplicate numbers in contacts? Here's how you can fix it

In this case, you can turn to iPhone WhatsApp Recovery. Thus, this article will provide several methods for you to settle the problem. Type in the person's name. Report a Comment.

If WhatsApp is grayed out or doesn't appear in privacy settings This is a rare issue, but it does happen to a small number of users. You'll find this option at the bottom of the screen. Tap the send arrow.

Any names that appear here are non-WhatsApp users from your iPhone's Contacts app. How do I add a contact to my WhatsApp group who are not on my contact's list?

How to Share iPhone Contacts with WhatsApp

Tap the Chats tab. Your Email optional. Teacher loses bid for injunction to prevent concerns over relationship with former student being disclosed. Tap Settings. Doing so will open a new contact page. Send a Correction. Switch to Mobile Site Sites: Related Securities Symbol.