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Lv or above. Can be completed as soon as you log in, once per day. Once you receive the gift box, you can open it anytime before 2: Ironclad MAX 5. Hunt monsters within your level range 20 levels below and 20 levels above to receive rewards!

Night Walker. You will need Lightning Mastery to stack buffs multiple times and improve its activation rate.

Or one example of a name that will be available will be "MapleGuy". There are accessories you can get from this PQ as well. Lab Server, Here for a Limited Time! Untradeable, Expires 7 days after obtaining Halloween Face Accessory Box — Open to select one of the following face accessories. I love this method.

v - Welcome to Alishan Patch Notes MapleStory

You will travel deep into the Shadow Veil Forest, explore Mystic Crimsonheart Castle, wander the ever changing Labyrinth, and more to help the Demons freed from Crimsonheart Castle find a new home. Sunday, August 19, 8: Once you have a Turkey Commando's Eye, the quest will appear in the available events list.

There will be a series of updates that will expand on the main story line of the game. Lightning Assaulter can only be chained with Ascend.

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We are investigating the issue, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Electronic Hearts are available for 60 days after purchase.

For further enquiries phone ext. Chair Eternal Rebirth Flame 1 Day You can also take part in two additional quests that will become available after you've reached Lv.

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Second Thursday the 12th Weekend: The mechanic here is that she has multiple faces that indicate her behavior and what you need to do to counter her. Monday, August 20, 2: Untradeable, All Stats: Extreme Blitz MAX 7. Absolute Belt 1: Complete the Weapon Master Museum: