A Guide to Vietnamese Herbs

With rather mild bitterness, it is an important flavoring for some Vietnamese soups.

A Guide to Vietnamese Herbs Luke Nguyen's Vietnam on SBS

Citrus with mild cumin flavour Culinary uses: Dentidia nankinensis Lour. The red-leaved form of shiso was introduced into the West around the s, [14] when the ornamental variety was usually referred to as P.

Bicolored cultivars var. Walnut oil, canola oil, and soy oil and soy products, such as tofu have smaller percentages of ALA, but can be used as common dietary contributors. Perilla Seed Perilla seed is classified among the herbs for alleviating cough.

Perilla, Shiso, Beefsteak Plant 'Tia To'

Perilla ocymoides var. Usually served and eaten raw, this herb is a common feature in spring rolls, salads and can be found in your herb basket in almost every single food stall or restaurant in Vietnam.

In North and South Vietnam , the Vietnamese perilla are eaten raw or used in Vietnamese salads, soups, or stir-fried dishes.

Not all submitted comments will be published. Japonica , exhibited sizes of sieve caliber between 1. Vietnamese Perilla leaves are green on top, and purple underneath. Xoai Song Tasting notes: The leaves have a light, pleasant bitterness that compliments other foods. Contact Us. The red purple forms of the shiso forma purpurea and crispa come from its pigment, called "perilla anthocyanin " or shisonin [27] The color is present in both sides of the leaves, the entire stalk, and flower buds calyces.

Perilla Leaf

The world center for growing this mint is the U. Bitter Herb is also traditionally used to treat fever, joint pain and inflammation. Co Medicinal: It is considered a suppressant of sexual urges so is often grown by Buddhist monks to make celibacy more tolerable. High in vitamin A Amaranth Vietnamese: Its thin hollow stems are topped with celery-like leaves. The Japanese name for the variety of perilla normally used in Japanese cuisine Perilla frutescens var.

The seed pods or berries of the shiso may be salted and preserved like a spice. Under Category , you can also retrieve Vegetable by crop and prefecture: